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Learn how Ableton Live’s Chorus-Ensemble can be used creatively to thicken your sounds

Ableton Live Tutorial

Chorus can be heard in all kinds of genres and styles of music, from Metallica to Daft Punk and Nirvana to Thundercat. Before digital recording and DAW, pedals and stompboxes were the means of applying the pitch-modulating chorus effect. Now, there are countless plug-ins that can be used to widen your sounds in the DAW. And Ableton Live’s Chorus-Ensemble will do the trick rather nicely.

In this Ableton Live tutorial, Liam O’Mullane shows you how to use the Chorus-Ensemble device. You’ll learn the differences between Chorus, Ensemble and Vibrato modes, along with how each parameter on the device alters the effect. Liam also demonstrates how you can get creative with specific parameters on Chorus-Ensemble, such as Feedback and Warmth.

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Those of you who already know Live inside and out, but are looking to explore other DAWs may want to check out our Logic Tips Series, following a similar pattern to this course.

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