Leave the leaves on the ground


Here are some ways YOU can join the growing number of Fairfax County residents who are willing to care for one of our most beneficial resources – TREES!

Recycle Leaves

Trees don’t expect you to remove the leaves they drop! They expect to recycle them next spring. Help them reuse the nutrients in those dead leaves by mulching them around the tree, keeping in mind that the trees roots extend 3 times beyond the reach of their branches.

If you must rake, rake the leaves around the tree and mulch them with your lawn mower. A layer of mulched leaves also holds moisture so that the tree roots do not dry out so fast during dry weather. No bagging and hauling the leaves away!

No raking leaves into streams, gutters, ditches, lakes, ponds, or other entities.

Why? Because you are removing nutrients from your yard! AND, because excess leaf build up in the water increases nitrogen and phosphorus levels, resulting in a domino effect of algae excess, less oxygen in the water, and more stress on fish and amphibians! It also costs more money for communities to process water for residential use.

Make your yard tree-friendly

Trees don’t really like grass at their feet! They would much prefer a nice mossy blanket around them. Moss readily soaks up and retains water, but more importantly, presents less competition to trees for moisture than grass does. You can save time and money trying to grow grass under your trees by letting moss grow under them.

Having trouble getting moss to grow? Consider planting native ground covers under your trees. If you do plant under your tree, dig as small a hole as absolutely necessary. The larger the hole, the more tree roots you destroy. Many trees and plants share the ground without stressing each other. Another approach (and this may require some daring) is to simply let nature do its thing and see what naturally grows under your tree.

‘A beautiful yard is more than a manicured grass lawn’

You are missing an easy opportunity to improve your environment if your yard is largely grass! This lawn below is relatively sterile an opportunity waiting to be used.

lawn sterile

The yard below provides a carbon dioxide sink (improving air quality), controls erosion , produces food and habitat for critters, creates summer shade and temperature regulation, and exudes beauty and relaxation for people.

Plant trees! Contact us to talk about planting trees.


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